Mullet Ride 2017

By: Jason Chase

The Dirty Dog Race pack kicked off it’s 2017 race season staying true to its name. Last Saturday 5 members along with over 160 others braved the mud and the cold to roll out on the Mullet Ride starting in Baldwin City Kansas. Temps were in the 30’s with a lingering fog that had been the hallmark of east Kansas mornings for the last week. Those cool temps and high humidity along with a few rain showers made for muddy roads that make you think twice before taking a place in a pace line. I believe that Joe Kleidosty had some kind of specialty tire custom made to shower anyone following too close. It was an effective defense because after about a mile my sunglasses were mud covered and useless. The route featured relentless rolling hills with two notable climbs that stretched a mile in length each. With the sun finally burning through the haze and temps climbing into more comfortable ranges, we meandered our way around Douglas Lake, south into a slight headwind and back into town. All in all, another amazing day spent with like-minded crazies doing the thing we love.   The Pack prepares for it’s next appearance this Sunday at the Rocheport Roubaix.

Mullet Ride, Don Daly, 2017