Rocheport Roubaix 70

By: Jenny Clark

We ended up with a windy, cool day after the initial date getting changed due to an ice storm. Heidi and I were going to try to stay together which didn’t quite work out as planned. She got with me after I lost my chain a second time going downhill-ugh! I told her take the QOM on Wren School as I knew it was far too early to wear myself out with a huge effort. I think though she may have been better off holding back. We worked together some on the windy flats but they were marbly and my nerve damaged right arm just doesn’t cooperate too well. We stayed close but then weren’t sure where to go for a bit, found the cue sheet-and stayed together until we went up Smith Hatchery and Dothage. We are learning each others strengths and weaknesses.

I was solo most of the race and the wind was not my friend. I sure wish I could’ve found Heidi to take turns pulling on the flat road to Coates and on.I slowed and looked for her, but never saw her- figured she may have needed a nature break! I sure could have used an opportunity! Had a little scare coming up Warren School when a truck backed a trailer out in front of me (from the left) going up a marble section, then proceeded to come down the hill right on top of me on the wrong side of the road. Luckily I was able to skid across to the wrong side and avoid certain death. I don’t think he ever once looked up.

I had a decent ride averaged 158 watts which is good for me on gravel. First overall female, Heidi was second and won her age group and the QOM! Finished it off with some excellent chili and SBC beer! Thank You much! Meanwhile Marzena took the first overall female on the 50 miler! Great way to start the season! I’m proud to be friends with these great ladies!